About BoCoMo

BoCoMo stands for Boone County, Missouri.

Columbia, Missouri is the county seat, home to the University of Missouri and which boasts a vibrant college downtown just next to the beautiful campus modeled after Thomas Jefferson’s University of Virginia.  There is also an active business community and is a bedroom community for the nearby state capital, Jefferson City.

This site is the central stopping point for the Schulte Family, in Reston, VA.  Here you will find the resumes of Dennis Schulte and Ruth Schulte.

Dennis is a Project Manager with over 24 years experience in the IT world. With a focus on application development (including Artificial Intelligence or AI), Dennis has also managed multiple training, awareness, and outreach campaigns. He has also supported IT Infrastructure efforts. An excellent career practicing Business Analysis, Business Process Re-Engineering, Instructional Technology, Risk Management and Scope Managment, among other practices.  He has served clients such as RJR Tobacco, Sprint Telecom, PGA of North America, and numerous Federal Agencies including the Department of Education, Department of Defense and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Dennis is an avid gardener and loves soccer.  He devotes time to serving others through his church and his community and devotes even more time to his family as a loving husband and proud Father of three.